Thursday, May 3, 2012

Siding On!

Today saw some movement on the outside of the house. Our siding has been installed and looks F A B U L O U S! The stonework still needs to be put on the front and the gutters need to go up, but everything is moving along much quicker than I thought. The drywall crew was back at work today and have started taping and mudding seams. It is just amazing how fast all of this is happening. We'll be home before you know it!


  1. The workers have done an excellent job installing those sidings, and they did it quickly too. It looks like it can weather any kind of storm, seeing how it looks so formidable there. By the way, your backyard seems spacious! You might want to add a deck there too.

    Galliena Gornet

  2. what I can only say is this design makes me feel excited to add in my plan for a house and a hardiplank siding houston on it to add more natural character in a house.

  3. I must say, your sidings really made a big difference in making your home look better. The gray coating is a great choice because it keeps the house looking neat and clean, even if it isn’t. Also, it matches the color you used on the inside of your house. :)


  4. That's a nice looking Ryan home! I think it is designed to have very wide spaces inside as it doesn't have a lot of complicated details outside. Nothing is more awesome than having more space at home to live comfortably.

    Rolf Matchen