Monday, May 28, 2012

The carpet is IN!

I guess Mexico doesn't celebrate memorial day because the carpet installers were at the house today. They were really nice and did a GREAT job. The house is coming together and we will be in on the 16th. It doesn't seem possible. We started this process mid January and had some set backs, but we're almost to the finish line now. Can't wait!!!!!!

I think Buddy want's the first shower!

Making himself right at home. 

Ahhhhhhhh carpet!!!


  1. Congrats on the new house and I hope the move-in went okay!

  2. Happy Closing!! Would love to see some after move in pictures! Congratulations!

  3. Any new pics or updates? Loved your blog. I am also building a Pisa and I have loved watching your updates. :)

  4. Hi Ssnyder!! How did your closing go? Look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some after pictures. Enjoyed reading your can join our site at We are building a ROME and are TOO EXCITED!!