Monday, April 30, 2012

Insulation is almost done!

Today we had our pre-drywall meeting with Ben. We went through everything that has gone on so far in the construction. And, when we went into the house, we were happy to see that the insulation has been installed on the main floor and in the part of the basement that will be finished. The remaining walls in the basement will be insulated soon. We should see the drywall installation beginning by the end of the week. It's really starting to look like a home now!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Electric and Plumbing in . . . CHECK!

We went to the house last night and saw that the electrician and plumber finished up the inside work. They dug the trench from the box at the street to run the electric and cable lines into the house. The plumber installed the lines that will hook up the the meter at the house and the gas company will need to set that up and run the lines from the street which should happen soon. I took some pictures of the outlet boxes in the kitchen. I can't believe how many I'll have! I think I counted 10!!! Comparing that to what I have now - uh 2, I'll say I will have plenty to operate what I need to. Can't wait to entertain in our new home!
We will be meeting with our project manager, Ben, on Monday for our pre-drywall meeting. Don't know what they discuss in this meeting, but it means we're one step closer to our move-in.
The bathroom in the basement

Can you count the FOUR outlets on the island alone???

There are 6, count 'em 6 outlets on the opposite wall!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still Going Strong

When we went to the house tonight the electrician was still there installing what seems like miles and miles of wire. I will have plenty of outlets in the kitchen and I'll bet they aren't on the same circuit as the well pump (like in my current home) and I'll also bet I won't be blowing circuits at every turn! Just sayin'! There was a great deal of progress in the basement, too. the furnace is complete and all of the framing for the finished side of the basement is up. the bath tub is ready to be installed. It's looking more and more like the home I imagined it to be.
THE MAN DOOR! Don't know why it's called that . . . but  OK!

This is where the basement bathroom will be.

The furnace is installed!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Guts!

When we went to the house tonight we found that we have a garage door! We also have some of the wiring in as well as the furnace. The walls for the finished side of the basement are ready to go up. While, you can no longer tell there has been progress by looking at the outside of the house, there is still plenty going on on the inside. Soooooooooo exciting!
Garage door . . . YEAH!

These spot lights are above the fireplace

This is where the microwave will go.

Pretty darn energy efficient!

Duct work going in!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Leveling Out

We were back at the site this evening and they have started putting in the HVAC system. Things have moved along at lightning speed up until now. So, it is different to see not a lot done. However, I did expect this to happen. I'm sure that this work does take a little bit of time if it is to be done right. And we certainly want it done right. We took Buddy and Harley with us tonight to check out their new 'digs' and they really seemed to like it.

The puppies loved the new space!

Plumbing for the washer

Being up on a hill there always seems to be a breeze. Today, with the high winds  some of the insulation has blown away from the structure. Time to give Ben a call!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Day To Rest

Today is Sunday so understandably nothing was done to the house today. However, we still went up to look at the finish on the concrete. It looks really good. This week should see some more of the 'guts' of the house going in. We should have full plumbing and electric by the end of the week!
The garage floor

The front porch

Rough in for the basement bath

Sump pump crock